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We Need Higher Permanent Wages!

We’re continuing to fight for additional federal funding to make higher wages for caregivers permanent. Caregivers should always make a living wage, not just during a pandemic. That’s why we are fighting to pass the Better Care, Better Jobs Act and get permanent increased federal funding.

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During the pandemic, the federal government recognized the essential work of caregivers – who are disproportionally Black women, Indigenous women, women of color and Immigrants – and increased funding for long-term care.

Our Union fought hard and turned that funding into hazard pay for our caregivers in Washington State. By receiving an ADDITIONAL $2.50 an hour or more in hazard pay for at least 14 months during the pandemic, caregivers were guaranteed pay closer to a living wage. 

Caregivers should always make a living wage, not just during a pandemic. That’s why we are fighting for ongoing increased federal support for home care and home care workers through the Better Care, Better Jobs Act. That would help us win ongoing improvements in wages and benefits for home care workers – just like the pandemic relief plans allowed for hazard pay increases.

The Better Care, Better Jobs Act includes a historic new investment in home care services and home care workers across the country. It is a huge step toward making sure caregivers get the dignity and respect we deserve. Tell Congress care is essential!

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