Tell the U.S. Department of the Interior to Spend Money Appropriated by Congress to Save the Bonneville Salt Flats
The U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the Utah Department of Natural Resources agreed in April 2020 to create a “Restore Bonneville” program. The U.S. Congress has appropriated money in the BLM’s Fiscal Year 2020 budget to start the program. However, the U.S. Department of the Interior has not released the funds which are subject to a Sept. 30, 2020 deadline.  Please urge the Secretary of the Interior to allocate the Restore Bonneville funds as directed by Congress.
The once 13-mile racetrack at Bonneville is now less than 8 miles due to salt erosion. The Restore Bonneville program will help protect the historic venue by increasing the volume of salt being pumped onto Bonneville to over 1 million tons a year. This will be accomplished by upgrading the infrastructure currently used to pump around 300,000 tons a year. The land-speed racing community has worked with lawmakers, regulators, and the potash mine owner to create the program.
You Can Help Save Bonneville by Contacting the Secretary of the Interior


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