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Tell Dane County, WI to Allow More Fans at Racing Events

DON’T DELAY!  Please contact Dane County’s leaders and ask them reclassify racetracks as Outdoor Places of Amusement and Activity.

  • Phase 2 of Dane County’s Forward Dane plan designates racetracks as “entertainment” venues, limiting attendance to only 25 fans. A designation of “Outdoor Place of Amusement and Activity” would increase fan attendance to 50%.
  • Racetracks are large outdoor venues that can safely accommodate social distancing measures, allowing for greater fan attendance.
  • Madison International Speedway and Angell Park Speedway are located in Dane County and have submitted a plan to local authorities to safely reopen.
  • The safe resumption of racing would provide desperately needed economic stimulus to Dane County and a morale boost to its residents. 
  • Madison International Speedway and Angell Park Speedway employ over 100 people and attract participants/spectators from across the state.
  • Raceways, such as Madison International Speedway and Angell Park Speedway, feature multiple racing divisions per event, allowing spectators to stagger their arrival and departure from the venue.
  • As it stands, Dane County residents must travel to neighboring counties in order to enjoy racing.

Overview: A SEMA/PRI-supported plan to safely reopen racetracks has been submitted to local authorities in Dane County, Wisconsin—home to Madison International Speedway and Angell Park Speedway. Under Dane County’s current Dane Forward reopening plan, racetracks are considered entertainment venues and may only reopen to 25 fans. Properly designating racetracks as outdoor places of amusement would allow local speedways to open at 50% capacity in phase 2 and 75% in phase 3.

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