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CALL TO ACTION: Help The Independence Fund and TREA Protect Veteran Caregivers!

Get the Caregiver Program Fixed Before It’s Too Late!
Pass H.R. 5701!

The MISSION Act of 2018 expands the VA Caregiver program to pre-9/11 veterans.  Almost two years late in meeting the Congressionally mandated deadline for expanding the program, the VA finally came out this spring with the regulations to implement that expansion.  Unfortunately, the regulations the VA proposed fail miserably at addressing the key issues Veterans and their Caregivers face.  
For the last two years, veterans and caregiver organizations like The Independence Fund and TREA: The Enlisted Association, worked tirelessly with VA to craft a program that will best serve veterans of all eras.  
  • We explained how the inconsistent processes with how the program was managed and run allowed local VA facilities to “go rogue” and ignore VA national guidance, dropping double and triple amputees from the caregiver program without cause.  
  • We detailed how the annual reevaluation to stay in the program, even for the most catastrophically disabled veterans who have no chance of improvement, strikes fear in the heart of every veteran and caregiver, wondering if the next visit or phone call will drop them from the program.
  • And we explained how patently unrealistic it is to take away the caregivers’ income and health insurance 90 days after the veteran dies, after years of faithful caregiving.

Unfortunately, all that fell on deaf ears at the VA.  Now, we need Congress to force the VA to protect caregivers.

H.R. 5701, the 
Care for the Veteran Caregiver Act of 2020,
introduced by
Representative Richard Hudson of North Carolina
and Representative Kathleen Rice of New York,
fixes these issues.

BUT NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Please take two minutes and easily send this letter below to your Congressional Representative, asking them to get HR 5701 passed as soon as possible.  Just fill out the form, and our automated system will send your letters to the correct Member of Congress.  That’s all you need to do.
Please help us give Veterans and their Caregivers the hope for no more fear, no more uncertainty, and no more pain.  Haven’t they paid enough to their country already?

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