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Texas Green Industry Needs FY 2020 H-2B Cap Relief!
On Wednesday, TNLA leaders alongside over 150 companies from across the nation will march on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. to urge our lawmakers to provide FY 2020 cap relief.  You too can join in the fight by sending a message from this page to your congressman asking them to do two simple things:
  • Sign onto the H-2B  support letters from Senators King/Rounds and Representatives Bergman/Keating supporting provisions to improve the H-2B process and require the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to release additional visas when there is a demonstrated bona fide need.
  • Urge them to tell their party leadership directly - "include H-2B cap relief in any final funding package or continuing resolution (CR) to make sure Texas companies have cap relief for FY 2020"

Action Request: Use your voice NOW and send a message from this page with a click of a button! 

Background: Congress has only funded the federal government through Nov. 21st of this year.  In addition, negotiations have stalled between the House and Senate on the approval of a funding package for the government and there is no short term cap relief available for next year (FY2020).  Placing cap relief in a "must pass" funding bill remains the best case for Congress to pass this critical measure. 

Therefore, all of us need to pressure Congress into making H-2B cap relief a priority at this critical time.  Having your member of Congress sign their name onto a support letter will help our side move the needle in the right direction. 

Why H-2B - The Texas green industry is struggling with record low unemployment and a worker shortage which limit the ability for companies to complete their contracts and stay open for business.  Additionally the federal H-2B visa program, a non-immigrant seasonal labor program, has an arbitrary annual cap of 66,000 visas which restricts the number of companies who can participate.  Companies can only use the H-2B program if there is a certified inability to find local labor and last year the DOL certified over 147,000 positions, double the cap!  The number of visas available in the program should match the true need of the US and Texas economy.  Today each H-2B worker creates or supports 4.64 American jobs, including American managers, crew leaders, supervisors, and administrative positions. Without the necessary H-2B visas, American companies and employee will suffer.
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