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Oppose HB 580 Creating New Mandatory Plant Labels
TNLA is encouraging Texas growers, retailers, and landscapers to oppose HB 580 by State Rep. Ray Lopez which creates new mandatory warning labels on plants toxic to pets.  As filed, the bill would require the warning on plants containing cycasin (Sago Palms, Coontie Palms, Virgin's Palms). However, Rep. Lopez's office intends to expand the bill to also apply to Lilies, Poinsettias, Orchids, and Chrysanthemums.  

Please send a message to your state elected officials to oppose HB 580!!!



The bill would require the written warning be provided to consumers of the plants' toxicity to pets.  

TNLA is opposed to HB 580 for multiple reasons: 

1) Cost — The bill will undoubtedly create new costs on growers and retailers.  Regardless of a new label, new text, a retail sign, or consumer pamphlet, the bill provides no funding for this new requirement leaving it on the green industry to fund.  

2) Compliance — The bill places this new mandate in our Nursery Floral License under the management of the Texas Department of Agriculture.  This means thousands of the most popular plants in Texas must be properly labeled.  Violations of this requirement could subject the business to a Class C misdemeanor, civil penalties, and "Stop Sales". 

3) Consumer Confidence — Labeling these plants as toxic will improperly damage the sale of items not sold of consumption. The reality is there are many plants which should not be ingested by pets or humans.  There should be a requirement for personal responsibility on buying these items, like any other household item, and placing it where it will not be ingested by pets. 

The reality there are already sources of what items are toxic to pets published by multiple sources, including many local veterinarians.  This burden should not be placed on our industry when the true target audience is pet owners.  This proposed mandate creates a slippery slope toward having to label an ever-increasing number of plants.  

Contact your State Representative and Senator TODAY and let them know to oppose HB 580 by Rep. Ray Lopez. 



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