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Call to Action: Please Urge Our PA Senators to End the Prudent Pay Policy in Pennsylvania

We are seeking support for the passage of House Bill 2530 in the PA Senate that would permanently discontinue the practice of Prudent Payment, which penalizes Intellectual Disability & Autism (ID/A) providers by delaying their reimbursement. 

The Prudent Pay Policy is a directive that was implemented in 2006 and is applied to the fee for service providers under the guidance of the PA Office of Developmental Programs ODP. For all Medical Assistance recipients, the provider submits claims to DHS, but their reimbursement for the claim is held for 21 days and often not released until the 28th day.

While prudent pay was suspended during the COVID-19 Health Emergency and will not be continued at least for this fiscal year, there is no guarantee the suspension will continue beyond that time.

The Prudent Pay Policy adds a burden to an already stressed system facing unprecedented workforce challenges and a single-payer system where reimbursements have not kept pace with prevailing market conditions.  We believe strongly that ending this practice will ensure ID/A providers get paid promptly for the work and eliminate an unnecessary barrier to ensure that some of the Commonwealth's most vulnerable citizens (those living with ID/A) do not lose access to critical services. 

This bill passed in the House unanimously on May 25, 2022, and has now been referred for consideration by the PA Senate.  We need your help now!  Please reach out TODAY to your PA Senator and urge them to vote YES on HB 2530 to eliminate the Prudent Pay Policy.

Thank you!

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