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Urge Congress to Put Children First

UPDATE: On Friday, November 5th, Congress passed the bipartisan infrastructure bill focused on building roads, bridges, and community improvement projects. This was a positive step forward for West Virginia. Now, it is time to focus on meeting the urgent needs of families by passing the companion legislation focused on cutting costs for child care, ensuring workers have access to paid family medical leave, and extending the child tax credit.

On Friday, Nov. 19th, the House of Representatives passed the companion legislation (also known as Build Back Better). It now is pending in the Senate, and we expect it to be voted on before Christmas. While the final details of the legislation are still being negotiated it is important to continue push our elected officials and voice your support for these family friendly policies that strengthen families and help children thrive. 

Your voices ARE being heard! The bill as now written will cut the cost of child care for families, provide 4 weeks of paid leave for workers, and it extends the child tax credit! It is critical that our elected officials continue to hear from you! Please send use this form to send a personalized message and share your story today! 


Congress is working on two pieces of critically important legislation to West Virginia. One is the bipartisan infrastructure bill focused on building roads, bridges, and community improvement projects. Another bill is focused on meeting urgent needs that families are facing including affordable, quality childcare, access to paid family medical leave when caring for a loved one's health, and extension of the child tax credit, which is lifting thousands of West Virginia families out of poverty.

Please join us in highlighting the urgency of passing legislation that strengthens families and helps children thrive. No one works harder than a West Virginian. We take care of each other.  We need childcare, so families can go to work without worry. We need paid family medical leave, so no one has to choose between caring for their family and keeping their job. We need economic security, so children have what they need. 

Lawmakers are debating the bill and deciding what is in the final package. It is urgent that they hear from West Virginians, so the final bill is as strong as possible. Please send a message and share your story today.

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