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The Way Home Campaign FY 2020 Budget Recommendations
November 20, 2018 by Jesse Rabinowitz

Ending chronic homelessness is urgent.

In 2018, 54 people died without the dignity of a home, many from treatable and preventable diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Over 70% of individuals experiencing homelessness are people of color and 76% of women experiencing homelessness have experienced violence. Individuals experiencing chronic homelessness have been without housing for over a year, have a serious health issue and are indeed some of DC’s most vulnerable residents.

Yet, this is a problem with a tangible solution. Housing ends homelessness and our investments in proven solutions are working. Thanks to your advocacy, DC has invested over $45 million in recurring funding to house more than 2,000 individuals over the past four years. Still, we have much work to do.

Understanding the scope of DC’s homelessness crisis

By using real-time data from DC’s by-name list of individuals experiencing homelessness, The Way Home Campaign estimates that 4,160 individuals (not including veterans) are currently experiencing homelessness in DC. Of these individuals:

  • 1,644 need Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH);
  • 307 need Targeted Affordable Housing (TAH); and
  • 1,874 of these individuals need short to medium term assistance to exit homelessness.

In addition, there are currently 2,296 families in shelter and rapid re-housing, 353 of whom need Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) to exit homelessness.

Our budget advocacy starts now!

In February, the Mayor will release her proposed budget, which will outline her spending priorities for the next fiscal year. Between now and then, we need to ensure that ending chronic homelessness is one of her TOP priorities.

Our Ask

That’s why we’re calling on Mayor Bowser to END chronic homelessness by the end of her second term. We’re also urging the Mayor to front-load investments in life-saving housing interventions over the next fiscal year.

The Way Home campaign calls on Mayor Bowser to invest $35.5 million to house 1,140 individuals and 177 families in fiscal year 2020.  Specifically, we ask Mayor Bowser to invest

  • $27 million for PSH for an estimated 1,644 individuals;
  • $3 million for TAH for an estimated 307 individuals; and
  • $5.5 million for PSH for approximately 177 families.

The Way Home Campaign Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Recommendations 


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For just $35.5 million, less than one half of one percent of DC’s overall budget, we can house 1,140 individuals and 177 families. 

The Way Home Campaign knows that chronic homelessness does not exist in a vacuum. We are consistently collaborating with our partners, including people with lived experience of homelessness and representatives of marginalized communities to make decisions about our budget advocacy priorities and tactics. As such, we may add to our budget and policy priorities over the coming months.

Raise your voice and join us in ending chronic homelessness in DC!

We are looking forward to advocating with you during this budget advocacy season. Please help us out by taking these simple actions today!

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