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Call Your Senator, Tell Them "NO TO PRO", The Pro Act is the Most Anti-Business Legislation of All Time
TIA Members:

This is a call to action to every member that values the freedom to run their business as they choose to. We are facing the most anti-business legislation of the117th Congress. The legislation is essential is a shopping list for the labor unions, and is anti-worker flexibility, anti-business, and anti-independent contractors. According to media reports, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) will bring the bill to the Floor of the U.S. Senate for a vote if 50 Democrats co-sponsor the bill, right now there are 45. The bill is the "PRO Act":

  • PRO Labor Unions;
  • PRO the end of independent contractors/owner operators;
  • PRO the demise of the agent model;
  • PRO no flexibility for the modern worker;
  • PRO anti-right to work States;
  • PRO penalties and fines for misclassification of employees;
  • PRO changing franchise laws across the United States;
  • PRO giving unions the power to penalize workers for not paying union dues;
  • PRO egregious infringement on an individual’s privacy by allowing private information; to be shared with unions with no safeguards in place; and
  • PRO imposing card checks.

Please stop this legislation in its tracks. Contact your Senator and say "NO TO PRO"

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