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Underwriters Laboratories’ World Anti-Counterfeiting campaign urges consumers to--Be Safe Buy Real--when making purchasing decisions for themselves, their family, their home and their business.  The aim of the campaign is to:

  • protect the public from health and safety risks
  • protect society from criminal activities funded by the sales of counterfeit products
  • raise awareness about the safety advantages of buying real products

This year’s campaign will feature surprising insights and tips delivered through social media, interviews, videos, infographics, discussions, and articles. Please visit besafebuyreal.ul.org for more information on how to get involved.

We would like to enlist your help in educating our public officials about the dangers posed by counterfeits and the need to “be safe buy real.” The manufacture and sale of counterfeit goods is a problem that directly impacts our society and threatens the health and safety of our citizens.  Too often, consumers are unwitting victims of counterfeiting and exposed to dangerous products without their knowledge. Continued collaboration between the public and private sectors is critical to combat this insidious crime.

That is where you come in. Many legislators believe that a letter represents not only the position of the writer but also many other constituents who did not take the time to write.  As you can see, we have created a simple and easy way for you as a concerned United States citizen to share this information with your elected officials and urge them to take action. 

Please use your home address and your personal email to send the message to your local legislator. 
We have made this easy for you: It will take less than two minutes of your time! 
Thank you for your support!

Note:  This is messaging campaign is only open to citizens of the United States as this tool only communicates to U.S. legislators.

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