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Urge the House to Support Military Aid for Israel and Humanitarian Aid for Palestinians

On the morning of October 7, Hamas launched an unprecedented and horrific attack on the State of Israel. Since then, Hamas has made clear that it intends to continue its efforts to eradicate Israel. We are grateful for the return and rescue of some of the hostages and the related provision of necessary aid to innocent Gazan civilians, even as Israeli efforts to destroy Hamas’s military capabilities continue. U.S. support is critical to the effort to combat Hamas. On February 13, the Senate passed an emergency supplemental funding bill that provides military aid for Israel, humanitarian aid for Palestinians, funding for nonprofit security grants, and aid for Ukraine and Taiwan. 



Since Hamas’s attack, the United States’ support for Israel’s efforts to destroy Hamas’s military capabilities has been vital. Israel needs continued American steadfastness, and we are encouraged that the U.S. has also worked to deter Iran and Hezbollah from widening the conflict. Hamas’s brutal actions threaten the safety of both Israelis and Palestinians, as well as US interests in a stable Middle East.

On February 13, the Senate passed a bill that addresses a wide range of global and domestic efforts, including aid for Israel, humanitarian aid for Palestinians, and $400 million for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program, which will help enhance the safety of our congregations and other faith communities across the country. The bill also includes funding for Ukraine, Taiwan and more.  

Support for Israel necessitates unified, bipartisan congressional action. As the conflict continues to unfold, House leaders can show their support by joining the Senate to provide military aid to Israel and humanitarian aid for Palestinians. It is important that this humanitarian aid safely makes its way to civilians, without Hamas interference.  


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For more information, please contact RAC Legislative Assistant Ellen Garfinkle at egarfinkle@rac.org.  


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