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Tell your state legislators to stop attacks on LGBTQ+ people
2024 is already set to be a record-breaking year for anti-LGBTQ+ attacks at the state level, with over 450 anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced in state legislatures across the country. In 2023, over 500 such bills were introduced in state legislatures, while governors, state agencies, and local elected officials implemented a range of policies targeting transgender and non-binary people.

Your state government has the power to protect the LGBTQ+ community through legislation, ballot initiatives, and more. Tell your Governor and State legislators to protect and expand LGBTQ+ rights in your state.


Already in 2024 over 40 states have introduced - and 4 states have enacted - anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. This is on top of the 47 states that introduced – and 23 states that enacted – anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in 2023. Many of these bills – alongside executive actions and other local policies - target gender-affirming medical care, ban transgender youth from participating in sports, and limit discussion of LGBTQ+ topics in schools. Whether Oklahoma’s anti-trans bathroom and sports laws, Florida’s Don’t Say Gay laws, or even the directive in Texas that has opened way for "child abuse" investigations into families of transgender youth, queer identities are being targeted on the state level. Many of these policies have specifically targeted LGBTQ+ youth, and the impact is already evident. The Trevor Project found that 41 percent of LGBTQ young people seriously consider suicide and nearly one in five trans and nonbinary young people attempted suicide in the past year. However, they also found that “LGBTQ young people who had access to affirming homes, schools, community events, and online spaces reported lower rates of attempting suicide compared to those who did not.” Now is the time to make our communities more inclusive and affirming, not hateful and harmful.

Even states that are not enacting anti-LGBTQ+ legislation this year have room for growth. Only six states explicitly require LGBTQ+ inclusion in state curriculum, and only 22 states fully ban conversion therapy for minors. Most states also do not fully protect LGBTQ+ people from discrimination in housing, public accommodations, education, or credit.

We must pursue proactive policies that protect LGBTQ+ rights. Tell your Governor and state legislators to protect and expand LGBTQ+ rights in your state.

Jewish Values

Judaism teaches that all human beings are created b'tzelem Elohim, in the Divine image (Genesis 1:27). The belief that the stamp of the divine is present in all humans is fundamental to Reform Judaism and teaches us that we cannot tolerate discrimination against any person because of their identity. Judaism also specifically teaches about gender identity. In fact, our Jewish legal texts mention at least six different genders across the gender spectrum.

For more information

For more information on this issue, visit the RAC’s LGBTQ+ rights issue page or contact Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Sammy Angelina.


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