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Urge Congress to Advocate for Release of Hostages Held by Hamas

On October 7, Hamas launched an unprecedented and horrific attack on the State of Israel, massacring over 1400 Israelis and taking 240 people hostage, including women, children, people with disabilities, and the elderly. In November, a week-long pause in the fighting between Israel and Hamas allowed for the release of more than 100 women and children held hostage. But 100 days since the attack, an estimated 115 living hostages still remain in captivity in Gaza. 

Every second counts in ensuring their safe return. Reports from the hostages released in late November and early December have revealed how those in captivity suffer deplorable conditions including sexual and physical violence, psychological torture, and near-starvation. Hamas has not allowed any international aid organization access to the hostages to check on their health or provide necessary medicines or medical assistance, in clear contravention to international law. The U.S. government must work with the international community and continue to vocally advocate for the release of all hostages.

Maimonides teaches that “you have no greater mitzvah (religious obligation) than to free captives.” As we mark 100 days since October 7, we renew our demand for the swift release of all those still held captive by Hamas in Gaza. Urge Congress to work with the international community in securing the immediate release of all hostages. 

For More Information 

For more information, please contact RAC Legislative Assistant Ellen Garfinkle at egarfinkle@rac.org.  

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