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Ask Congress to Act Now to Strengthen the Child Tax Credit

Every year, the Child Tax Credit (CTC) lifts millions of American families out of poverty and helps them live according to their dignity and with greater economic security. While the USCCB has long supported the CTC, the current credit must be improved because it excludes many poor children.  

The House of Representatives recently acted with strong bipartisan support to pass a tax package that included a strengthened Child Tax Credit. Although this represented a compromise, this strengthened Child Tax Credit takes meaningful steps to support the well-being of families in need by largely targeting improvements in the credit to the lowest-income children. It is now time for the Senate to act. Reach out to your Senators and encourage them to move forward with the recent bipartisan CTC provision in the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024 without modification. We must ensure more children in need have access to full CTC benefits that foster the welcoming of new life and the building of the family.  

As the U.S. bishops stated in their pastoral document, Putting Children And Families First,  

“Those with the greatest need require the greatest response. This is the ‘option for the poor’ in action. While every family needs support, poor families and families facing discrimination carry the greatest burdens and require the most help. With limited resources, we need to focus assistance on those with the greatest needs.” 

We will continue to advocate for a future improved Child Tax Credit that:  

  • benefits the lowest income families, 
  • continues to include mixed-status families,  
  • is available for the year before birth to help mothers in need welcome new life,  
  • ensures the credit does not undermine the building of families, and 
  • does not offset its costs by cutting programs that serve those most in need 


Please urge your Senators to work together to improve the Child Tax Credit to help support families and lift children out of poverty.  

We encourage you to add your own personal story about why strengthening the Child Tax Credit is important to you.  

You can read the most recent USCCB letter advocating for an improved Child Tax Credit here. 

You can read Archbishop Gudziak’s recent statement welcoming the bipartisan Child Tax Credit agreement here. 

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