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Support Increased funding for Security at Religious Nonprofits
There have been over one hundred reported incidents of vandalism, arson, and other destruction at Catholic sites in the United States since May of 2020, as well as attacks on the property of other faith groups, such as the hostage incident at a synagogue in Texas on Jan. 15.  The Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) can help. The NSGP provides grants to nonprofits and houses of worship to enhance their facilities' security and crisis preparedness.

This past year, Congress appropriated $180 million to NSGP.  Unfortunately, that’s not enough.  The NSGP received over 3,300 applications for almost $400 million.  The USCCB’s Committee for Religious Liberty is asking Congress to double the funding to $360 million. 

The Church teaches that the government has the duty to foster the conditions in which religion can thrive.  This is a government program that helps protect people of all faiths. Urge Congress to increase funding to the Nonprofit Security Grant Program today!

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