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Pass legislation to meet emissions reductions goals & lower the cost of medicine
USCCB is encouraged by the historic climate investment policies proposed in Congress, including tax incentives to support existing and emerging technologies in clean energy, resilience investments focused on protecting low-income and minority communities, and incentives to decarbonize the economy. Such investments are necessary if the US is to reach its current Paris Agreement goals. 

This is a critical time for investments in climate mitigation, adaptation, and innovation. Immediate deployment of renewable energy technologies is among the most cost-effective and impactful actions we can take. Investments in electric vehicles and infrastructure for widespread electrification remain essential for achieving net zero emission goals. Clean energy tax credits, which will advance clean energy in all sectors, including manufacturing and industry, will spur rapid decarbonization. As we move toward the rapid transition to a carbon-free future, other sectors must not be left behind. Special attention must also be paid to the needs of coal and fossil fuel industry workers and their families, whose livelihoods face the uncertainties of energy transitions, as well as to ensuring that disadvantaged communities receive benefits from climate and clean infrastructure.

USCCB is also encouraged by recent proposals to bring down the cost of prescription medicines. As a critical tool to maintain and promote good health, medicine should be available and affordable to all. Efforts to make this a reality will be especially helpful for low-income seniors who are vulnerable to the high costs of many prescription drugs.  All policies addressing healthcare must respect the inherent dignity and right to life of every human being.

Policies are needed to address ‘the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.’  Ask Congress to safeguard all climate and environmental investments and to act to lower the cost of medicine.

We encourage you to add your own personal story about why climate investments and drug pricing reforms matter to you.


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