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Expand Charitable Giving Incentives
What is a charitable deduction?

A charitable deduction is when taxpayers make a donation to a qualified nonprofit and then deduct that donation on their taxes. This deduction is only possible if the taxpayer is also itemizing instead of taking the standard deduction. A charitable deduction offers a great incentive for members of our community to give financial support to the nonprofits and charities that make up their community.The third coronavirus relief bill which passed at the end of March included a temporary charitable deduction which allows taxpayers to deduct $300 of donations made during 2020 on their federal taxes, even if the taxpayer does not itemize their taxes.

What is the Universal Giving Pandemic Response Act?

The bipartisan Universal Giving Pandemic Response Act (S.4032/H.R. 7324) was recently introduced in both chambers of Congress. This bill would create a charitable deduction that builds on the current temporary version. It increases the amount of the donation that can be deducted and it ensures that all taxpayers who donate to nonprofits are able to deduct their donations from their federal taxes even if they do not itemize.

Why should I support the Universal Giving Pandemic Response Act?

Most simply, The Universal Giving Pandemic Response Act benefits both nonprofits and taxpayers. The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act increased the amount of the standard deduction, meaning fewer taxpayers were itemizing their taxes and had less incentive to donate to charity. Charities have seen a decrease in donations as a result of this change. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent economic recession donations are expected to decrease even further. Donations to nonprofit and faith-based organizations allow them to provide much needed services in our communities. Without those donations, some of their work may not be able continue. This bill also benefits taxpayers because, even if they itemize, they can still write off their charitable contributions. The bill would make available—for tax years 2019 and 2020—an above-the-line deduction for charitable giving on federal income taxes valued at up to one-third of the standard deduction (around $4,000 for an individual filer and $8,000 for married joint filers).

How can I help?
Use the tool to the right to send an email to your members of Congress! While UWBEC is regularly talking with our elected officials, there is strength in numbers. They will notice when a number of constituents reach out to them about an issue. Feel free to share a personal expereince of why it is important to expand charitable giving incentives. Messages with a personal note are more likely to get noticed!

After you have sent your message, please send this alert to 5 friends or families and encourage them to contact their elected officials also!

About this Campaign
This campaign is a part of UWBEC's Summer of Caring. Summer of Caring is an eight-week event where you will learn more about our community and ways you can help. To learn more about Summer of Caring visit www.uwbec.org/summer.
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