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Idaho Advocacy Update
The AAO Advocacy Department is excited to inform you that through the Component Legal Support Fund, the AAO has hired a local Idaho lobbying firm to represent the Idaho State Society of Orthodontists and its members. 

Last week, the members of the Idaho Senate Commerce & Human Resources Committee held a meeting to review and discuss several bills, including SB 1012 relating to dentistry. Idaho State Board of Dentistry Executive Director Susan Miller presented the bill to the committee and explained that the impetus was the Governor’s veto of SB 1295 and his reasoning letter, which suggested that there were some protections that should be brought forward again. On February 5, the Senate voted to pass the bill onto the House. 

SB 1012 ensures a dentist cannot limit a patient's right to file a complaint with the Board of Dentistry, mirroring similar language from SB 1295 (from last year, which passed the Legislature but was vetoed by the governor). \

Specifically, the bill provides that the Board may refuse to issue or renew a dental license, or may revoke, suspend, place on probation, reprimand or take other disciplinary action with respect to a dental license if a dentist requires, "directly, or as a member, representative, contracted agent, or employee of or in connection with any company, association, corporation, or partnership, that a patient sign an agreement limiting his right or ability to file a complaint with the board."

If you'd like, please send a quick message to your state Representative to support the bill.

Every orthodontist (as a citizen of and licensed dental provider in his or her state) and every patient has the right, independently and individually, to express his or her opinion on any dental issue to his or her state dental board. The AAO believes that Idaho SB 1012 helps further protect patient health and safety and ensures a patient's right to complain is not abridged. 

We will keep you updates on this important advocacy initiative in Idaho, and as always, thank you for your AAO membership. 


Gianna Nawrocki
Government Affairs Associate
American Association of Orthodontists 
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