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Which AKC Breed Group Does Your Club’s Legislative Liaison Resemble? Plus, Nominate your LL for a Special Reward!
April 21, 2020 by AKC Government Relations

Like the dogs we love, AKC Legislative Liaisons possess unique and valuable characteristics that benefit mankind. They come from a variety of backgrounds, and although some have formal training, most are self-taught. They are willing workers who perform a variety of important functions on behalf of their clubs—for scarce rewards and not nearly enough attaboys/attagirls. 

If your club is fortunate to have an effective, engaged Legislative Liaison (LL), have you ever noticed that these valued club members share the most admirable characteristics of our dogs? For example, the skill sets of a strong LL often include:

Sporting: Active and responsive—knows what’s going on in their field, springs into action, and delivers results.
Hound: Relentless investigator—sniffs out policy discussions and chases down pending proposals before they gain traction.
Working: Watchful, alert, with great stamina—patrols government offices and watchdogs rulemaking and legislative processes.
Terrier: Energetic and tenacious—takes hold on issues and sees them through to the end.
Toy: Personable and charming—a compelling relationship builder.
Non-Sporting: Diverse and adaptable—interacts and communicates with a variety of audiences.
Herding: Leader and drover—inspires and enables fellow advocates to organize and take action.

Let’s give our hardworking LLs some positive reinforcement! Nominate an LL for recognition—and maybe even a special reward—by sending an inspiring story or a funny tale featuring your LL to AKC Government Relations. You can submit a story about your own role as LL or on behalf of your club’s LL. Or both!

Email LL stories to Patty Van Sicklen at pvs@akc.org by May 15, 2020. The best tale(s) will be featured in a future issue of Taking Command, and we’ll have some fun rewards for selected LLs. Like all well-timed attaboys/attagirls, please keep your stories brief and positive!

An effective LL has the backing and cooperation of their club, is a good communicator, and is equipped to quickly pass along information on legislation that affects dogs and dog owners. AKC Government Relations relies on LLs as a first line of communication regarding legislative issues. View the Legislative Liaison “standard” here. 

Does your club have a Legislative Liaison? If not, shame! Naughty club! Please contact AKC Government Relations at doglaw@akc.org or 919-816-3720 for information and tools to help you select and empower an LL for your club.

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