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Impact of COVID-19 on Legislative Activity
March 16, 2020 by AKC Government Relations

The COVID-19 outbreak and preventative public health measures are impacting legislative schedules and hearings in a number of states.

In some states such as New Jersey and Hawaii, in-person visits are being discouraged. Other states are currently considering various options which may include virtual hearings or other methods to continue business while limiting large gatherings.  Georgia, Massachusetts, and Connecticut are suspending activity indefinitely.   New York and Tennessee are is conducting accelerated budget sessions so they can pass a budget before going on an extended recess.

While canine legislation is typically among the types of bills that are postponed in an emergency, we recognize that there may also be an increase in efforts to pass large, omnibus bills. The AKC GR team would like you to rest assured that we will continue to track and alert you to legislative changes that impact you, and we will keep a close eye on any possible mischief related to fast-moving legislation.

  • We will advise you where in-person testimony is curtailed, and we will provide legislative email and phone contacts for you.
  • Simple phone calls to legislators and their staff, especially with email follow-up, remains a very effective way to provide input and advocate on legislative issues.

We will continue to contact you as usual via legislative alerts on bills and hearings that impact you.  These will continue to come to you via email and will be posted online at www.AKCGR.org. Additional information related to general legislative adjournments will also be available via our Facebook Legislative Liaisons page. Current LLs who need to update access to this group can contact doglaw@akc.org for an invitation to join this group.

Should there be a business interruption, all AKC GR team members can work remotely and will continue to be available as usual by phone, email and our general mailbox, doglaw@akc.org.

Again, thank you for all you do, and please stay safe.


Sheila Goffe
Vice President, Government Relations
American Kennel Club

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