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AKC GR Provides Outreach to Breeders at Pennsylvania Animal Welfare and Safety (PAWS) Pet Breeder’s Expo
September 1, 2022 by AKC Government Relations

Recently, AKC Government Relations Legislative Analyst and Community Outreach Coordinator Charley Hall attended the annual Pennsylvania Animal Welfare & Safety (PAWS) Pet Breeder’s Expo in Lancaster County, PA. 

Over 1300 people attended the event, which brought together breeders, prospective breeders, dog owners, more than 70 vendors and the general public.   Hall joined staff from AKC Breeder Relations and Compliance Departments in staffing an educational and information booth to educate attendees about the many resources AKC provides – including the work of the AKC Government Relations Department (AKC GR). 

“AKC is the only dog registry with a dedicated Government Relations department. Events like the PAWS Expo provides AKC with an opportunity to inform breeders about all that we can do to promote responsible dog owners and breeders – as well as ways we can all work together for animal welfare,” Hall said.  “Sharing information about dog laws and how they impact responsible dog breeders and owners while working with colleagues from other AKC departments was an important added benefit.” 

PAWS is an organization of professional pet breeders dedicated to advancing animal safety, welfare and respect. PAWS hosts the expo annually and provides its members with the tools and education needed to exceed state and federal standards. 

This annual event encourages those who breed dogs to understand the necessary requirements and responsibility required to properly care for their dogs and ensure the health and well-being of both mother and puppies from breeding, whelping, nursing, and weaning to placement in a new home.  AKC GR is pleased to work with groups like PAWS to share knowledge, advance the wellbeing of dogs, and protect the rights of responsible breeders. 

“Working with AKC GR, responsible breeders and dog owners can be sure that they have a voice advocating for them and fighting harmful legislation at the federal, state, or local level,” Hall commented. 

We encourage you to visit AKC’s Legislative Action Center at www.akcgr.org to view our latest resources and information, including talking points on key legislative issues and advocacy tools you can share with fellow breeders, owners, and club members.   AKC GR’s regional staff can help facilitate meetings with lawmakers and staff for dog breeders and owners, and help arrange invitations to events and facilities tours. 

If you would like a member of the AKC GR team to speak to your club or attend an event to share resources and discuss how we can work together to be effective advocates for dogs, please contact us at doglaw@akc.org.  

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