Protect Vaccine Choice in Texas
The Texas legislature is considering a number of bills that support freedom of vaccine choice.

Write to the legislature and tell them to support HB 37, HB 109/SB 35 and HB 51, HB 93,  HB 74,  SB 14,  HB 155,  HB 134, HB 171, HB 155 and HB 134, HB 165, HB 164 and HB 167,  and HB 39, which require an employer, labor organization, or employment agency to allow an individual to claim an exemption from a required COVID-19 vaccination based on a medical condition or reasons of conscience, including a religious belief,  prohibit a governmental entity from imposing a Covid-19 vaccine mandate, eliminate current law that allows students who are not vaccinated to be excluded from school, prohibit a governmental entity from implementing, ordering, or otherwise imposing a Covid-19 vaccine mandate,  allow individuals to claim exemptions to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, require employers to allow an individual to claim an exemption from a required COVID-19 vaccination and prohibit discrimination based on vaccination/exemption status, and amend current law keeping students with vaccine exemptions from school during an emergency, allow for exemptions to COVID vaccine requirements including on the basis of prior immunity, allow an employee or family member to sue employer for injury/death caused by COVID Vaccine mandate, prohibit discrimination based on COVID-19 vaccination status by insurance companies, and prohibit discrimination by employers based on COVID vaccine status, respectively.

Write to the legislature and ask them to support these important bills.

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