Contact Your Legislators to Support Continuity of Care for Medicare Patients
The Prevent Interruptions in Physical Therapy Act (H.R. 1617/S.793) was introduced to allow physical therapists in all geographical regions to enter in locum tenens arrangements under Medicare.

Locum tenens, meaning “to hold the place of or substitute,” allows eligible providers to bring in a qualified replacement during a temporary absence for illness, pregnancy, vacation, or continuing education. Currently, locum tenens for physical therapists is only allowed in federally designated rural and underserved areas. This limitation prohibits many PTs in private practice from taking needed leave without continuity of care for their patients. 

H.R. 1617/S.793 would expand it to all geographic areas, ensuring uninterrupted patient care and preventing regression, while allowing for flexibility to physical therapists.

We encourage you to add your personal story of why locum tenens would be beneficial to you and your patients. Your lawmakers want to know how this legislation will directly impact their local area, so personalizing your comments will make the issue even more relevant.

Please contact your members of Congress and ask them to cosponsor H.R. 1617/S.793 so all physical therapists in private practice can provide continuous care to their Medicare beneficiaries.

Please note: A handful of Senate offices, including Florida, Idaho, and Kentucky, have very strict character limits. If this affects you, please click on 'switch message' for a shortened version. You may not be able to customize based on the strict restrictions.

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