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VOTE NO to federal takeover of elections! Say NO to HR1!
HR1 is the Democrats attempt at a federal takeover of elections that would undo many of the commonsense election integrity reforms Arizona has worked to adopt.

What would it UNDO?

1. Our ban on ballot harvesting, requiring states to allow paid partisan operatives to collect and deliver voters' ballots!

2. Our voter ID requirements for in-person voting, along with the provisions of SB 1713 requiring ID on mail in ballots if passed. Voter ID is widely popular across the country because it is a commonsense election integrity measure and earns significant public support here, with 82% of likely Arizona voters agreeing that all voters should provide identification before voting. 

3. The recent victory with SB 1485, allowing for the removal of inactive voters from the now Active Early Voter List and instead require all applicants for an early ballot to be sent a ballot by mail in all future elections. It would undo measures Arizona has in place to ensure only qualified electors are registered to vote by requiring automatic and same day voter registration, which would not allow counties adequate time to verify an applicant’s eligibility before they cast a ballot.

Additionally, it would give billions in taxpayer dollars to politicians to fund their reelection campaigns. HR1 is bad for free and fair elections, bad for Arizona, and would nullify the many election integrity measures we have worked hard to implement to ensure that in Arizona it is easy to vote and hard to cheat.


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