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Demand the Six Pro-Abortion South Carolina Republican Senators be Primaried
Six South Carolina pro-abortion Republicans joined every Democrat to filibuster a bill that recently passed the South Carolina House and that would have protected the right to life of all babies except those conceived through rape.

Pro-abortion Senator Tom Davis parroted pro-abortion talking points by stating that his daughters had pleaded with him not to approve the pro-life law.

“The moment we become pregnant we lose all control over what goes on with our bodies,” Davis said, supposedly recounting what his pro-abortion daughters told him. “I’m here to tell you I’m not going to let it happen.”

Senator Davis is part of the Republican establishment, having previously served as chief of staff to former governor Mark Sanford.

Although Republicans control the Senate by a margin of 30-16, the opposition of these six senators prevented pro-lifers from overcoming the pro-abortion filibuster.

If you are in South Carolina, please use this form to contact your local legislator and tell them you are disappointed in them and demand that Senators Davis, Hembree, Senn, Shealy, Rankin, and Gustafson be primaried next election cycle.

Also, please contact Senate majority leader Shane Massey to demand consequences for the six pro-abortion Republicans, including, but not limited to, supporting conservative pro-life primary challengers in the next election cycle.

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