Support Arlington's Expansion: Preserve Military Honors
Access to Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) and its tradition of bestowing full military honors during burials is currently under threat.  The Department of Defense (DoD) has proposed restricting Arlington eligibility primarily to recipients of awards such as the Purple Heart, Silver Star, or higher, potentially disregarding the service of deserving veterans from World War II, Korea, and the Vietnam era, as well as a significant number of female veterans.

Implementing such reductions would not only affect those who have spent decades planning to be laid to rest with full military honors, but would also limit the capacity of ANC for the next 42 years. We must act to devise a sustainable, long-term solution.

The American Legion finds these proposed reductions wholly unacceptable, and we urge Congress to take immediate action to safeguard this crucial benefit. H.R. 1413, the Expanding America’s National Cemeteries Act of 2023, represents a vital lifeline. It enables an existing VA-run national cemetery to transform into a new location capable of providing full military honors as ANC nears capacity. By maximizing our resources rather than restricting them, this legislation offers a pragmatic and effective solution. 

It is time to take a resolute stand for our military families and demonstrate our unwavering commitment to honor those who have dedicated their entire lives to serving our great nation. Let us not falter in maintaining the promise made to them. Together, we can ensure that the legacy of our heroes is preserved and revered for generations to come.

Contact your members of Congress and urge them to pass the Expanding America's National Cemeteries Act!

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