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Tell New York City Council to Support Public Oversight of NYPD Surveillance Practices

The NYPD has quietly amassed a broad range of new surveillance technologies without public notice, debate, or oversight. The invasive data collected from these technologies is being used to track New Yorkers. Though there is little transparency as to who this information is being shared with, activists learned last year that data collected by the NYPD is being shared with ICE and has been used to deport immigrant New Yorkers. These technologies are a violation of every person’s right to privacy. CAIR-NY and other major organizations, including the Brennan Center for Justice and the ACLU, are committed to improving transparency of surveillance practices and therefore stand in support of the POST Act.

The Public Oversight of Surveillance Technology (POST) Act would address this lack of oversight and require the NYPD to publish a report of any surveillance tools it purchases, as well as the policies and potential impacts of such tools. City Council would then review and revise the report, thereby creating greater transparency. Moreover, in certain circumstances, the Inspector General is empowered by the POST Act to audit the NYPD’s use of surveillance technology to ensure compliance.
If you believe in these protections, then sign this petition to declare:

  1. I support oversight of surveillance technology
  2. I value my right to privacy and want the NYPD to, as well
  3. I want lawmakers to ensure the NYPD and law enforcement officials are more transparent by passing the POST Act

To see the technologies the NYPD is purchasing, click here.

The threat to our privacy does not impact only marginalized communities. It impacts us all. The use of drones and cell phone trackers threatens all of our privacy when used at rallies/events and without our knowledge. The growing threat of facial recognition impacts anyone who passes a security camera or is issued a driver’s license.

The dark reality is that, as of now, we don’t know the extent of surveillance in our city. Due to a loophole in New York City law, the NYPD can fund these purchases with private donations and federal grants without notifying our elected lawmakers, thereby reducing the room for oversight by City Council.

Cities across the US, including San Francisco, have already passed legislation similar to the POST Act. It is time for New York City to stand up and demand transparency in surveillance practices.

To learn more about the POST Act and Surveillance in New York visit: https://aspny.org/  

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