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ACTION: STOP Sexualizing Our Children. Comprehensive Sex Education
Stop Sexually Exploiting Our Children

Comprehensive Sex Education

  Did you know….

  • that there are global forces operating throughout the world whose goal is to sexualize our children under the guise of promoting health and well-being, and for protecting and preparing them from and for the real world?
  • that the name of Comprehensive Sex Education is fitting as it covers everything sexual?
  • that its destructive effects on children are far-reaching for the short and long term?
  • that there are many harmful effects upon children resulting from these Sex Ed programs, such as
    • the desensitization of children to sexual things,
    • viewing sexual acts depicted in teaching materials can be deemed pornographic and pornography is extremely addictive, having adverse effects on brain wiring,
    • the acceptance of homosexual and bisexual behavior,
    • the promotion of sexual rights for children
    • the failure to establish abstinence as a goal
    • the undermining of parental values
    • the undermining of religious values, just to name a few?

Did you know…?

  • NJ’s new learning standards and the LGBTQ contributions to the curriculum are the results of an obsessive infiltration of sexuality throughout our culture and the movement towards total knowledge of and freedom of sexual expression?
  • that the stressing of sexual pleasure for children and their sexual rights is emphasized throughout the literature of those advocating Comprehensive Sex Education?
  • that their claim is that children need to know how to give consent and about every aspect of sex in order (they say) to protect themselves from traffickers?

Did you know…?



Click the link to contact your NEW legislators! 

  1. Opt-out of the Sex Ed/Health portion of the NJ Learning Standards recently passed.
  2. Discuss with your board of education president your need to preserve and protect your parental rights regarding the teaching of sexuality to your children.
  3. Ask the school board to focus in on essential academic subjects such as Reading, Language Arts, Math, authentic History, and Science rather than getting involved with teaching sexuality.
  4. Attend Board of Education meetings on Zoom or in-person to express your opinion openly about the Health Learning Standards.
  5. Write to your state senator and two assemblypersons regarding your opinion about the new Health Sex Ed Standards.


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