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Don't Draft Our Daughters
We've scored a victory, but the fight against drafting our daughters marches on...

In July, the Senate Armed Services Committee approved the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2022 with an amendment requiring young women to register with Selective Service for a possible future draft. This behind closed doors action faced immediate criticism—as did certain Senators who supported it.  The House Armed Services Committee adopted a similar amendment over the objection of most Republican members and one Democrat.   

On September 23, the House passed NDAA legislation with a provision reversing military policy for a male-only draft and forcing young women to register for the first time in history.  A deadlocked Senate sent leaders from both chambers to the table to negotiate a final bill.   

With the help of our congressional allies, we succeeded in having this provision removed from the final FY 2022 NDAA!  

Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee was at the forefront of this fight asking members to oppose any NDAA legislation that would draft our daughters, and we will continue holding the line.   Please continue urging your Members of Congress  to oppose this unjustified reversal in military policy! 

We celebrate the many critical roles women embrace in every stage of life, but we reject the baseless notion that women’s equality means sameness with men. The Selective Service, the mechanism for calling a military draft, is not a social experiment. There is no place in our military for political agendas that undermine the critical objectives of national defense. Conscripting young women to fight on the front lines of war ignores God-given distinctions between the sexes that have everything to do with military readiness in a wartime crisis. Congress can respect women and their role in serving our nation without forcing the military to be co-opted into a broader ideological project. Our fact sheet on the issue can be found here.

American women are free to serve and proud to serve, but they should not be forced to serve.  

Thank you!

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