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Protect religious freedom and conscience: OPPOSE H.R. 1378

Do No Harm Act

H.R. 1378, S. TBA – 117th Congress

Position: Support / Oppose / Neutral

This bill would:

  • Amend and eviscerate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.
  • Force healthcare professionals to participate in medical procedures, prescriptions and referrals that they consider ethically and morally repugnant. As legal expert Kenneth Craycraft has noted, the bill would "compel a Catholic physician to prescribe contraceptives or perform abortions if she participates in federal or state reimbursement programs. And it would require a parochial school that receives state grants, for example, to employ persons in open same-sex relationships as teachers or even ministers."
  • Deny government funding to any organization that "discriminates" by declining to participate in morally controversial practices such as abortion, gender transitioning, same-sex marriages or anything else deemed by the government as required.

Bill text excerpts:

*No religious freedom: "if the exemption would impose the religious views, habits, or practices of one party upon another."

* Doctors compelled to comply: with "access to, information about, referrals for, provision of, or coverage for, any health care item or service."

* Objectors denied funding for: "government contract, grant, cooperative agreement, or other award."

Additional information

Freedom2Care action page: https://www.votervoice.net/F2C/Bills

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