CDC Hosts Secretive Chat for Kids on Gender and the Occult
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is pushing LGBTQ ideology, sex changes, and the occult to young people. It's called "Q Chat Space" and it is part of the CDC's LGBT Health Youth Resources page, run in partnership with Planned Parenthood. It is designed to be hidden from parents, and targets kids ages 13-19 with messages about sex, gender changes, activism, the occult, and polyamorous relationships--all with your tax dollars. Children are shown on the site how they can hide and mask their communication and information from their parents. 

Arizona's Department of Education is also promoting Q Chat--other states may be as well. This is concerning on so many levels. Let your elected official know how you feel about targeting underage kids with these mature and radical messages. 

 Here is the message that you can send or personalize it:

I am concerned about the CDC and other state and federal government agencies promoting "Q Chat" to underage children. This site promotes hormone replacement for kids, usurps parental rights, and even exposes children to the occult--all while encouraging kids to hide the site from their parents. I want you to know about "Q Chat" being used by government agencies so you can stop this harmful use of taxpayer dollars. Please advocate for the safety and well-being of our kids and uphold parental rights. Know that I am praying for you as you make decisions that affect people like me and our children. 

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