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UPDATE: Election Integrity Bill PASSED by Texas House in 2nd Special Session! - Contact your State Senator today!

In the time since our last contact, the Texas State Legislature has convened for a second special session to consider Senate Bill (SB) 1, wide-encompassing legislation that rethinks, reforms, and secures future elections in our state.

And we need YOUR help to ensure this important bill becomes law!

Can we count on you to send an urgent message to your Texas State Senator asking them to support this crucial piece of legislation when it comes before them for a vote?

You can reach your State Senator in one easy step using this simple contact form (see right) that we're making available here on LifeSite's Action Center.

With one click, your message is sent directly to their office without having to look up any contact details.

Then, please SHARE this important information with your friends and family members to spread the word across Texas!

As a reminder, SB 1 offers numerous common-sense provisions to reform the administration of future Texas elections. Among them are the following:

  • Mandatory video recording of all vote tallying activities, including a requirement that all counties with a population higher than 100,000 provide a livestream option for its residents
  • A new requirement that partisan/party poll watchers be given access to polling places on Election Day in order observe the tallying of votes and other administrative activities; failure to provide such accessibility would result in criminal charges
  • A new rule that requires individuals who apply for an absentee/mail-in ballot to include either the last four digits of their Social Security number or their driver's license number on both their application and ballot envelope
  • A ban on unlimited, 24-hour (or "overnight") voting, mandating polls be open for at least nine hours between 6am and 9pm
  • A ban on "drive-thru" voting with exceptions for disabled individuals


As you may recall, a special 30-day session of the Texas Legislature was called earlier this summer for the purpose of debating and approving this comprehensive election integrity legislation.

However, Democrat members of the House and Senate took the opportunity to stage a childish publicity stunt instead, fleeing the state of Texas on privately chartered planes to Washington, DC in order to deny Republicans the legislative quorum needed to pass new legislation and effectively paralyze the Legislature.

SB 1 passed the Senate during that first session, but not enough members of the House were present for a second vote to be held.

In the time since, though, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that absent members could legally be arrested upon their return to the state, and brought to the Capitol in order to faithfully execute the duties of their office -- just as their constituents elected them to do.

In addition, Governor Abbott announced that, immediately after the final day of the original special session, a second special session would begin so that Legislators could get back to actually legislating, with election reform and SB 1 at the top of the priority list.

And so far, it has indeed proven a priority:  After a desperate, last-ditch filibuster effort, the Texas Senate passed the bill, once again, on August 12th in an 18-11 party-line vote. 

Then, with quorum restored last week, the House was finally able to move on the bill, holding public testimony on SB 1 earlier this week, and holding debate on the floor for twelve hours just yesterday.

And it was well worth it: The Texas House of Representatives finally PASSED SB 1 in a 79-37 vote last night, with new amendments requiring training for poll watchers and adopting a no-tolerance policy for poll watchers who are caught breaking the law or violating election code while vote counting is underway.

With these new additions to the legislation, the bill will now move back to the Senate one last time for final approval.

So we still need your help...

We need concerned citizens across the Lone Star State to let their elected Senators know that SB 1 has the support of their constituents, and that Texans want their confidence of knowing that future elections are safe, secure, and free from fraud restored as soon as possible!

Please take a few minutes to contact your State Senator today, and ask them to support SB 1 when it comes before them for a final vote during this second special session of the Texas State Legislature.

Thank you!


Learn more about SB 1 and read its full text HERE:  https://legiscan.com/TX/bill/SB1/2021/X2

**Photo Credit:  Shutterstock

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