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Urge Congress to declassify and ban neuroweapons use, human experimentation
Please contact Members of Congress today about the dangerous development of neuro-weapons by Pentagon advisors.

Professor James Giordano is pursuing the development of some of the most dangerous technologies known to man, namely "mind control" neuro-weapons, also referred to as "interventional neuro-technologies", that would give unprecedented power to any government or agency that uses them.

Please don't take our word for it, if you don't believe us. Watch the professor's lecture below.

"These tools and techniques offer viable and, in some cases, estimated valuable capability to be able to assess and modify the thoughts, actions and therefore overall stature of others," Prof. Giordano said last year about the neuroweapons in development.

"...[T]he effects are getting at the essence of what it means to be, the relatively enviable space of the self, of identity, of mind, of being able to assess and perhaps control thoughts, emotions and behaviors remotely and in so doing influence postures of individuals, groups, collectives and perhaps populations," he ominously added. 

Referring to the technology as a "weapon", Giordano goes on to explain that there "is a robust move forward to create implantable devices that are non-invasive or minimally invasive in their implantation methods so as to create next generation neural modulation that allows real time access to read from the living brain and write into the living brain remotely..."

Giordano, unfortunately, is a senior science advisory fellow of the Joint Staff at the Pentagon and director of the Institute for Biodefense Research. 

The past three years of living under the cloud of COVID restrictions, vaccine mandates and misinformation from the medical establishment should give us pause to consider the wisdom of allowing our defense agencies to develop any further technology that would manipulate human behaviour. 

Giordano admitted in 2021 that a disturbing array of neuroweapons, ranging from brain scanning technologies to neurotoxins to electrical devices, are “viable if not already uptaken” by U.S. defense.

The possibilities of such neuro-weapons are endless. 

Please contact your Members of Congress today alerting them to the development of this dangerous technology and calling for its immediate end.

Main Photo: "The Pentagon" by David B. Gleason is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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