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Stand for medical freedom in Wisconsin - Contact your State Legislators today!

Since January, more than 10% of all employees at Rock Haven, a long-term nursing facility in Rock County, have either quit or been laid-off as a result of declining to get the new Covid-19 vaccine developed by Moderna.

The facility in question enacted its own policy mandating that employees get vaccinated as a condition of their employment – a controversial decision that led to intervention by the County Board, which required exceptions be made for people with health-related and faith-based objections.

While this may seem like a positive development, the fact remains that the livelihoods of Rock Haven employees have been attacked and, in more than 20 instances, lost altogether.

And now, working people across Wisconsin are being faced with the same kind of infringement against their individual rights and medical freedoms without any protection under the law.

This is unacceptable, and NOW is the time to take action. 

You can contact your State Senator or Assembly Member in one easy step using one simple contact form that LifeSiteNews.com is making available here. It is called Voter Voice and it will automatically match you to your representative’s email and Twitter accounts.

With one click, your message is sent directly to your representative(s), without having to look up any of their contact details. Additionally you will have the option to call their office. 

In the wake of these unprecedented efforts to derail medical freedom for working people, our elected leaders must take a bold stand for the rights of their constituents and swiftly introduce legislation that prohibits employers from requiring their workers receive the new Covid-19 vaccine in order to keep their job(s).

If they don’t act soon, working Wisconsinites’ autonomy over their medical decisions may very well cease to exist at all, opening the door to a slippery slope that could spell the same kind of trouble for working people across our nation. Wisconsin must NOT set this precedent.
Rather, Wisconsin must set an example for the rest of America and take action to defend medical freedom. 

The ability for Wisconsin workers to decide for themselves if they want to be vaccinated without that decision negatively affecting their employment must be prioritized by the Wisconsin State Legislature. 

Medical, moral, and religious objections to the new Covid-19 vaccine must never result in termination, and introducing new legislation to address this pressing matter is the best course of action that Senators and Assembly Members can take to ensure that medical freedoms are protected under the law.

You can help by taking a few minutes to contact your state legislators and requesting they introduce legislation to protect workers’ rights and defend their ability to decide for themselves whether or not to get vaccinated for Covid-19. 

Introducing and eventually passing such legislation will prove an important step forward in defending workers’ rights against corporate and governmental attacks, and may very well lead to other states following Wisconsin’s lead.

Please contact your State Senator and Assembly Member as soon as possible, and request that he or she take action to defend the medical freedom of Wisconsinites by introducing legislation to safeguard their individual liberties in the workplace.

The right of Wisconsinites to object to the Covid-19 vaccine on medical, moral, and religious grounds must be reaffirmed legislatively as soon as possible.

Please help deliver this message to them.

It couldn’t be more simple. Just fill in your details and contact your State Senator and Assembly Member with this urgent message. Thank you!


‘Nursing home fires workers for refusing Covid-19 vaccination’:

‘Rock Haven loses more staff over Covid-19 vaccine mandate’:

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