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ALERT: Help a hospitalized Georgia family get justice - Contact the Governor today!
URGENT! Please ask Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to immediately intervene in a case where Piedmont Hospital in Cartersville is refusing to respect the power of attorney of a daughter whose parents are suffering from COVID.

Joseph and Beverly Rickels were both admitted to Piedmont Hospital in Cartersville, Georgia, last Sunday, diagnosed with COVID pnuemonia. Unfortunately, the condition of both husband and wife has now deteriorated to the point where both are receiving oxygen and where Joseph is in critical condition.

Therefore, since the couple is not responding to the treatment provided by Piedmont Hospital, their family now want to take them out of that hospital so that they can be readmitted to another care facility (likely, a hospice center) to receive a different treatment with protocols that numerous doctors and some nations have used with great success but which the hospital doctors have firmly rejected as being allegedly useless.

Could we now ask you to urgently CONTACT Governor Brian Kemp to intervene in this case and demand that Piedmont Hospital respect the power of attorney of Courtney Rimmer, and the desire of Joseph and Beverly Rickels to be moved to another location to receive the care of their choice?

Mr. Rickels is in grave condition and every moment is critical to ensure that Mrs. Rickels does not also possibly become much worse because of the very limited treatment provided by the hospital.

So, while Piedmont doctors refuse to administer the treatment which the Rickels desire, there is no reason they should be prevented from accessing such treatment elsewhere!

You can reach the governor in one easy step using this simple contact form (see right) that we're making available here on LifeSite's Action Center.

With one click, your message is sent directly to his office without having to look up any contact details.

Then, please SHARE this important call to action with your friends and family members to spread the word across the state!

The couple's daughter, Courtney Rimmer, has power of attorney - which should, by law, allow her to make decisions for her parents, both of whom had indicated that they agreed to the move.

Incredibly, however, the attending physician said that she will not release the patients to their daughter's care unless she (the daughter) proves she is vaccinated.

This is beyond outrageous!

The family have the right to try another treatment for their ailing parents, and the hospital must respect the duly appointed power of attorney, as well as medical privacy!

Please use the contact form (see right) to help get justice for the Rickels Family. Please ACT now, as every minute counts!

After contacting Governor Kemp's office, please take a couple minutes to telephone Georgia State Attorney General Chris Carr, to politely, but firmly, ask that his office also intervene in this critical ongoing case.

Specifically, ask that he ensure that Piedmont Hospital respects the power of attorney of the Rickels' daughter, Courtney Rimmer, and that she immediately be allowed to transfer her parents to another care facility where they can try a different course of treatment.

The State's Attorney General office number is: (404) 458-3600

Thank you!

**Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com


'Georgia hospital refuses to honor requests from couple gravely suffering from COVID to be treated with successful alternative treatments' - 


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