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SIGN to STOP the Spread of Medical-Assisted Suicide! Say NO to Euthanasia in Canada!
The clock is racing towards March 17, 2023 — the day when patients with depression as their sole medical condition can elect to kill themselves through government services. Can we count on you to defend life?  


Send a clear message to your MP and Senators today that the citizens of your province choose to uphold life-affirming care and reject suicide! 

Canadians must speak up for one another, beginning with their MP and Senators. Send a message now. >>> 

Parliament is on the brink of expanding medical-assisted suicide, tempting even more vulnerable Canadians to kill themselves rather than to truly seek support during life’s darkest and most difficult moments. 

The grotesque and fake compassion pushed by political elites — that it is better to die than to live — must be stopped. 

Canadians are at a crossroads and must choose life over death as the March 17 deadline approaches next year.

Demand a STOP to medical-assisted suicide in Canada! >>> 

Suicide is not the answer to sickness, and physicians must devote their power to saving life, not destroying it. 

According to the Regulations Amending the Regulations for the Monitoring of Medical-Assistance in Dying (MAID), “the Court ruled that the federal eligibility criterion that a person’s natural death be reasonably foreseeable was too restrictive... As a result, the federal law no longer requires that a person’s natural death be reasonably foreseeable as an eligibility criterion for MAID.” 

This means that anyone with decades left to live might choose to end his or her life regardless of available treatment — we cannot let Canada kill itself off! 


Worse yet, the National Post reports that Canada is on the cusp of becoming “one of the few nations in the world” to allow MAID “for people whose sole underlying condition is depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD or any other mental affliction.” 

In other words, someone can commit medically-assisted suicide without the detection of a life-threatening illness of any kind. 

MAID has prompted doctors to violate their oaths to heal, not hurt, and has transformed them into Doctors of Death. MAID is a stain on the medical profession and a plague that will disproportionately target the mentally ill. 


Medical-assistance in dying has no place in a thriving, healthy, and respectable society. Canada fails her citizens by only widening who is eligible for suicide.  

Put an end to the spread of MAID by sending your message today and making your voice heard. 


Thank you! 



Read the full "Regulations Amending the Regulations for the Monitoring of Medical-Assistance in Dying" HERE.  

Read the National Post’s detailed explanation of expanding MAID HERE.


Photo credit: Flikr. Judy Baxter. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

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