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Urge members of the US Congress to support the United States’ strategic and geopolitical interest in the horn of Africa by supporting the Ethiopian government’s effort to root out terrorism and maintain law and order in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia. 

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TPLF (Tigray People Liberation Front), a group registered in the Global Terrorism Database, led the coalition of ethnic-based movements and ruled Ethiopia for 27 years. It was a repressive regime with documented gross human rights violations till reformist leaders came to power led by Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed in April 2018.
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has implemented significant changes, including: opening up the political space by releasing political prisoners; appointing women to half of ministerial posts; lifting media censorship and freedom of assembly; inviting all political parties exiled in the diaspora; reforming the National Electoral Board; reforming the judiciary system; and establishing a peace agreement with Eritrea. Dr. Abiy received the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize for his accomplishments. 
Since Dr. Abiy’s government came to power, the TPLF terrorist group has committed several unlawful criminal actions:

  • Planned, financed and organized terrorist activities throughout Ethiopia causing countless deaths and displacement of millions of people. Using its unlimited resources, the group forged an anti-Abiy alliance with the armed wing of the Oromo Liberation Front (Oromo Liberation Army-OLA or OLF-Shane).  This alliance has perpetuated ethnic discord, leading to ethnic-based massacres of innocent civilians in different regional states.
  • Declared the federal government “illegal” and conducted its own sham elections in violation of Article 102 (1) of the Constitution of Ethiopia.
  • Bombarded the Northern Command Post of the Ethiopian federal government stationed in Tigray on the morning of November 3, 2020, killing hundreds of unsuspecting members of national defense forces
  • Committed atrocities in Mai-Kadra, a town in the South West Zone of Tigray, brutally killing about 500 innocent civilians in one day.

The action being taken by the Ethiopian government is solely against TPLF and not the people of Tigray.
Stand with the people of Ethiopia in their pursuit to bring about lasting peace and development. Contact your representative.

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