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Tell Your Senators to Oppose the So-Called “Equality” Act
In his State of the Union address, President Biden renewed his call to pass the most dangerous piece of legislation to America’s future – The Equality Act. This bill would fundamentally alter the legal definition of sex to include sexual orientation and gender identity and shake America’s commitment to religious freedom. Supporters of the Equality Act insist it is about “ending discrimination,” but the truth is it would:

  • Undermine the Religious Freedom Restoration Act by setting gay rights as a priority over religious freedom and conscience rights. 
  • Force employers and workers to conform to new sexual norms or else lose their businesses and jobs because of their beliefs.
  • Force gender ideology “education” into our schools and put parental rights at risk in making decisions about their children’s medical treatment and education.
  • Force doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to offer drastic procedures for sex changes – without regard for the strongly held beliefs of healthcare workers.
  • Ruin female athletics as biological males who identify as female compete in sports with girls and women.
  • Shutdown the work of countless charities and non-profits that will not confirm to dangerous privacy practices, like opening bathrooms, showers and living quarters to members of the opposite sex.
  • Overhaul our civil rights framework to mandate abortion access and special privileges for sexual orientation and gender identity.

All of this in the name of “equality,” but people of faith suffer the consequences. The Catholic League’s Bill Donahue called it “the most comprehensive assault on Christianity ever written into law.” Ryan Anderson, president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center said the act would be used “as a sword to persecute those who do not embrace new sexual and gender ideologies.”

While this bill has repeatedly failed in Congress, our President is committed to prioritizing LGBTQ politics over the foundational freedoms of our nation. With so much happening in the world – Ukraine, inflation, pandemic, open borders and more – let’s not take our eye off devasting legislation like the Equality Act. Christians cannot afford to be silent. The “Equality” Act is disguised with positive words that will seek to destroy sex and gender as God defined (Genesis 1:26-28) and it will cost you the ability to freely live out your faith.

The President does not have the power to pass this dangerous bill.  The Senate does.

Take action and contact your Senators TODAY! Let them know that you reject the President’s renewed commitment to this dangerous bill.

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