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HB 1939 (adopting the social work licensure compact) signed by Governor Inslee
March 19, 2024 by Jeremy Arp

HB 1939 (adopting the social work licensure compact) was signed by Governor Inslee on March 19, 2024!

See the bill signing at the 7-minute mark on TVW here.

Washington is now the fourth state that has signed the Social Work Licensure Compact. Once seven states have adopted the Compact, the Commission created by the Compact begins work to create multi-state licensure. Find out more here.  

Many thanks to social workers in Washington, Representative Orwall and the bill's cosponsors,  our Chapter's LAC, Evergreen Public Affairs, Council of State Governments, Department of Defense and other professional and veteran organizations for their work to get this legislation passed to benefit social work professionals and the communities that we serve. 

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