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Massachusetts Set to Ban Supplements
Over the last two years, the importance of proper nutrition has become a prominent figure in our everyday lives. Every day we see a new study connecting vitamin deficiency and health outcomes. In Congress, a group of bipartisan and bicameral lawmakers have recognized the significance vitamins play are actively pursuing ways to expand access.
Yet, Massachusetts lawmakers want to restrict access to supplements. 
If passed, the bill would restrict access to dietary supplements. Unfortunately, we are seeing unhealthy proposals like this one across the country.  Lawmakers in New Jersey, New York, Missouri, and California have also advocated restricting access to these critical health products. 

While many of us are working toward new years resolutions that may include a healthier lifestyle, lawmakers in Boston want to make sure you're restricted from accessing essential health products like vitamin D and amino acids.
Massachusetts consumers can’t afford to be punished by draconian policies that undermine public health. This is why it’s imperative that you let your representatives in Boston know you oppose this legislation and urge them to do the same.

Consumers want access to products that will support their healthy lifestyles, especially during COVID-19.
Don’t let H4271/S1525 become law. Tell Boston to oppose this dangerous legislation today.

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