New York State Tourism Industry Association's Action Center

Proposed 35% Cut Amounts To ‘Self-Inflicted Wound’ To New York State’s Economy!
Tourism Matching Funds Are Critical To Economic Recovery And Generating New York State Tax Revenues


New York State's tourism industry has paid dividends for years to New York's economy, setting new records for economic benefit for each of the past five years. In 2019, the tourism industry attracted 265 million visitors and generated record high levels of impact: 

  • $72 Billion in travel spending at New York State businesses large and small;
  • $39 Billion in disposable income and over 961,000 jobs for New York State residents 
  • $9+ Billion in state and local taxes.

During the pandemic year of 2020, tourism was inarguably New York's most impacted industry. At year-end 2020, travel and tourism registered:

  • A 34% loss in average annual employment, a decline of over 330,000 jobs vs 2019; nearly three times the employment impact to any other major category!
  • An estimated 56% decline in travel spending and a corresponding decline of 45% in tax revenues vs 2019, the third most severely impacted state in the country!

Now, with New York State tourism businesses and communities reeling and in need of support, the proposed Executive, Assembly and Senate budgets all propose to do further harm with a 35% cut in matching funds to local communities for tourism marketing. 

This cut in funding demonstrates a total lack of foresight. Cutting funding will negatively impact not only the recovery of travel spending, but will also ultimately reduce New York's tax revenues, likely by far more that the budgeted cut in spending. New York State will not 'save' money.  

Please ACT NOW to urge your representatives in Albany to restore tourism matching funds to $3.8 million in the final budget - protect New York State's future tax revenues and protect the recovery of New York State's travel and tourism industry.

Thank you


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