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Urge Democratic Members of Congress to Support the PACE Plus Act (S. 1162/H.R. 6770)
As you know, Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) face many systemic challenges and obstacles to growth and expansion. If these barriers were eliminated, PACE organizations could serve many more of the 10 million people aged 55 and over needing long-term care services and supports, rather than just the nearly 60,000, or 0.001 percent, currently enrolled. The PACE Plus Act would not only eradicate most federal impediments, but also encourage the expansion of existing PACE programs and the establishment of new ones. The PACE Plus Act (S. 1162/H.R. 6770) would eliminate the worst barriers as well as encourage the spread, scale and scope of PACE. 

Urge your Democratic Senators and Representatives NOW to demonstrate their support for PACE by becoming a cosponsor of the PACE Plus Act, which will eliminate the existing barriers and spur growth of the PACE model of care.

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