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Call Congress Today: Tell Them No Shutdown

CALL THE HOUSE: November 15th and 16th 
Tell Them: No Shut Down!

Congress has three days to pass a bill that keeps our government funded. The Senate is poised for action, but the House is still in chaos. You have a say in the shutdown discussion. Let your House Representative know that a government shutdown is unacceptable.

Today, we hope that thousands of faith-filled Presbyterians, like you, will call Congress to say, "No shutdown!"

Let's make the Congressional phone lines ring off the hook on November 15th, and 16th. Tell your House Representative to support a bipartisan continuing resolution (CR) that funds human needs programs at the level agreed to this spring and is free from harmful policies that separate families at the border.  

We’ve been here before. On September 30, with hours to spare, Congress passed a temporary CR to avoid a shutdown without hurting vulnerable communities. But a small group of House conservatives are at it again! They want to:

  • Break their promise to fund human needs programs  
  • Shut down our government shutdown if spending on these programs isn’t drastically reduced 
  • Jail unaccompanied children seeking safety at our southern border 
  • Slash funds for faith communities that provide welcome to new arrivals 
  • Clawback IRA funds we need for a clean energy future, for the climate and public health programs that will protect people and the planet 


Time is running out. Funding for our government ends this Friday, November 17, and Congress isn’t even close to resolving this crisis. Members on both sides of the aisle in the Senate are poised to uphold the deal and pass a clean temporary bill that allows Congress to finish its work on a final funding deal. 

CALL NOW! Tell Your House Representative:
Do Not Shut Down Our Government!

*Dial 1-888-897-9753 to reach your Member of the House.

“Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR TOWN]. I want to let [REPRESENTATIVE'S NAME] know that I am deeply concerned that a handful of House Members are pushing for deep cuts to our social safety net programs and want to separate children and families seeking asylum in our country. And, it's disturbing that they are threatening to shut down our government if their demands are not met.

Millions of government workers, small businesses that rely on them to buy their products and services, and others who rely on our government, will be negatively affected; and there will surely be an increase in the number of people struggling to make ends meet across the country.

Many people in my community face food and housing insecurity, challenges with high childcare costs, and other hardships that make it hard to thrive without assistance. We care for our immigrant neighbors and want to welcome them with care and dignity. We need clean energy funding to modernize our infrastructure and mitigate our impact.

[Definitely share your own experiences and/or add local/state data here!] We cannot have a shutdown!

[REPRESENTATIVE'S NAME], can I count on you to work to pass a clean bipartisan continuing resolution that prioritizes funding for human needs, rejects any and all anti-immigrant proposals, and retains clean energy funding?” 

Your voice matters. And so do your prayers! As faith-filled advocates for justice, we must remind Congress that they were elected to care for all people and our planet--no exceptions!

Will you commit to prayer and just action by calling on Members of Congress and asking them to keep their promise to people and the planet, pass the budget, and avoid a government shutdown?


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