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Tell Congress to Urge the Administration to Expedite and Expand Access for Afghan Refugees
In recent days, the Taliban entered Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, seizing control as the Afghan government collapsed. Tens of thousands of our Afghan allies are in imminent danger, as attacks from the Taliban on Afghan nationals who supported the U.S. mission have increased, and violence against Afghan women and children is at an all-time high. As the U.S. completes its withdrawal from Afghanistan, action must be taken now to ensure the United States provides refuge for Afghan allies, their loved ones, and Afghans fleeing violence and persecution. 


Previously, on August 2nd, the State Department announced a Priority 2 (P-2) designation granting U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) access for certain Afghan refugees and their family members. This type of direct access program is designated for groups of special humanitarian concern to the United States in need of protection and resettlement. At the same time, nearly 1,200 Afghans have arrived at Fort Lee, Virginia. This figure represents around 1% of the total number of allies who need to be evacuated. Nearly 80,000 of our Afghan allies are still in danger in Afghanistan. We must evacuate ALL of our Afghan allies. It is imperative that we contact our national elected leaders and hold the administration accountable to urgently evacuate all of our Afghan allies to U.S. territory AND immediately expand and expedite access to the U.S. resettlement program. 


Tell Congress to urge the administration to expand and expedite access to the US resettlement program for Afghan refugees.

(Senators Risch (R-ID), Scott (R-FL), and Paul (R-KY) accept only very short emails - please feel free to cut down the email in order to send)


For additional information on what the Presbyterian Church USA is doing concerning the situation in Afghanistan and the region and how you can help, click here for an excellent resource from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. 

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