Tell President Biden to Protect Access to Proton Therapy
We’re calling on President Biden to protect proton therapy by removing it from a proposed CMS payment model that would prevent cancer patients from accessing the therapy. Act today!

When President Biden met with doctors at the James Comprehensive Cancer Center at Ohio State University, his enthusiasm about cancer research and proton therapy was unequivocal. As he enthusiastically described the innovation taking place there as “a source of hope,” he encouraged a continued “focus on proton therapy.” 

The President recognizes that proton therapy is a powerful life-saving cancer treatment. Now it’s time for him to act! CMS' proposed Radiation Oncology Alternative Payment Model will limit patient access to proton therapy. The agency charged with implementing the Rule has already decided to exclude another kind of radiation therapy, brachytherapy, so we will be asking for the same deference to proton therapy.

Tell the President to protect proton therapy access and remove it from this harmful payment model.
Share your proton therapy experience. The President can help change this rule, but he needs to hear from you! 
Please act now! Write to President Biden today.

Form Message Submitted to White House


I am joining hundreds of other patients, caregivers and providers touched by cancer to ask you to ensure that proton therapy is excluded from the Radiation Oncology Alternative Payment Model recently finalized by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. This Model would dramatically reduce reimbursement for proton therapy. This advanced targeted treatment has made an enormous difference in the lives of so many people because of its ability to spare healthy tissue, which results in fewer complications and thus a better quality of life.

President Biden has talked very positively about proton therapy early in his Administration. His commitment to ending cancer as we know it will depend on ensuring that advanced cancer treatments are prioritized. Please ask CMMI to remove proton therapy from the RO Model. CMMI has already excluded another kind of radiation therapy, brachytherapy, so we are asking them to exclude proton therapy as well.

The bottom line is that fewer cancer patients will have access to this cutting-edge and life-saving cancer treatment if this rule is approved. 

More information available here: https://allianceforprotontherapy.org/alliance-responds-to-cms-alternative-payment-model/

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