Funding Family Engagement Must be in the Next COVID-19 Relief Package
Contact your Senators today to seek emergency funding for the Statewide Family Engagement Centers in the next COVID-19 relief package. Now, more than at any other time, families are critical and primary to the success of their children. This spring, homes became the classroom and parents became surrogate teachers, responsible for their children’s learning. The long-term ramifications of lost instructional time, the waning of parent and educator relationships and the need for compensatory education when students return to school make clear the need for both immediate and long-term investments in family engagement.

As states and districts begin to wrestle with school reopening protocols for the summer and fall, many schools across the country are examining hybrid models that include both in-person and virtual learning. Parents must be part of the school and distance learning infrastructure, especially now, as they are being relied on to fill gaps in their children’s education.

The Senate is currently considering how to move forward with another COIVD-19 response bill. The Senate must recognize the important role of parents and families in a child’s education and expand the Statewide Family Engagement Centers program.
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