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Tell Congress to Level the #BigTech Playing Field!

The Senate is currently considering the American Innovation & Choice Online Act, a bipartisan bill that would prohibit Big Tech from using its power to discriminate against potential competitors.

For too long, Big Tech has been able to use their gatekeeper power to pick themselves as winners and potential competitors as losers in digital markets. For instance, when you search Amazon or Google, the products and services you see first benefit those companies. 

This bill works to level the playing field. Startups and small businesses will have a better shot to compete fairly online. The best products and services will rise to the top. If Big Tech offerings really are the “best,” they have nothing to fear from this legislation. 

Right now, Big Tech picks the winners and losers, which keeps them in power and benefits their own bottom line instead of consumers. Tell Congress to change that by passing the American Innovation & Choice Online Act.

Learn more about how this bill could help in John Oliver's Last Week Tonight episode on Tech Monopolies:

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