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Ban Delta 8 in the 2024 Farm Bill

In case you missed it, May 23rd was one of the most consequential days. In a bipartisan vote, an amendment to the Farm Bill, proposed by Rep. Mary Miller (IL-15), was adopted. This amendment bans hemp intoxicants like Delta-8 THC and closes the Delta-8 loophole. 

Every five years, Congress passes a comprehensive agriculture policy package known as the Farm Bill. In the 2018 Farm Bill, Congress legalized hemp and any hemp-derived products. This legislation federally legalized the sale of hemp-derived compounds like CBD but also authorized Delta-8 and other synthetically-derived compounds that, just like THC, are addictive, intoxicating, and psychoactive. Now, these dangerous products are marketed to kids using fun flavors and sold in accessible locations like gas stations across the country.

Congress can close the Delta-8 loophole this year by clarifying the hemp legalization provisions to ban the manufacturing or sale of intoxicating or psychoactive hemp-derived compounds.

We want to be clear: last Thursday's vote was a crucial step in the right direction, but the fight is not yet over. Here is an outline of the process that the Farm Bill, and the Miller Amendment, will have to go through before it becomes law: 

  1. The House of Representatives will need to vote on and pass the Farm Bill.
  2. The Senate Agriculture Committee will soon release their own version of the Farm Bill; this will be different from what the House passed.
  3. The Senate Agriculture Committee will then mark up (adds amendments to and votes on) their version of the Farm Bill. If an amendment banning hemp intoxicants like Delta-8 THC, we will fight to get an amendment vote.
  4. The Senate will vote and pass their version of the Farm Bill.
  5. Select House and Senate members will come together to work out differences in their versions of the Farm Bill to reach a compromise that can pass both chambers. 
  6. The combined bill will be voted on again in the full House and in the full Senate.
  7. The President will then need to sign the bill. 

Your advocacy is more important now than ever. Please urge your Representative and Senators to support closing the loophole!

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