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Simplify SNAP for Seniors
After a lifetime of hard work, too many older adults find themselves facing an impossible decision — to buy groceries or prescriptions. As the senior population grows, the number of seniors facing hunger is only expected to increase. 

In Texas, currently 16.8% of seniors face hunger (compared to the national average of 14.7%), yet only 7% of seniors in Texas receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. SNAP is a valuable resource utilized by millions of struggling Americans every day. However, the process of applying for SNAP benefits can be tedious and confusing and is especially difficult for the elderly. Feeding Texas found that 90% of seniors surveyed found the online application “too daunting to complete” and 80% believed that a visit to the state office was still required. In Texas, the average monthly benefit that seniors on SNAP receive is $128, which is a significant amount that many individuals are missing out on due to enrollment barriers.

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas - along with partners like North Texas Food Bank, Feeding Texas, and members of the Dallas Coalition for Hunger Solutions - are asking legislators to support Senate Bill 1445 (Perry) and House Bill 3931 (Meza) that would simplify the SNAP application and renewal process for eligible low-income seniors (age 60+) by: 
  • Extending renewal periods from 6-months to 36-months. Seniors typically live on a fixed income and have no changes to their statuses. Also, 6-month renewal periods are cumbersome for seniors with limited mobility and access to technology or reliable transportation.
  • Reducing the application form from around 20 pages to about 2 pages.
  • Implementing data matching with Medicaid to help food banks and other community partners identify and assist seniors in applying for SNAP.

Both bills have been voted out of their Chamber's Health & Human Services Committee and will hopefully hit their respective floors in the near future. Please ask your legislators TODAY to vote "YES" when they vote! 

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